April 17 - TV! TV!  

 Hi Folks!

Ruby is 11 weeks old today and I'm back in the full swing of things, baby in one arm, guitar in another! She is a real trooper and has traveled with us in the car quite a bit to my writing trips and shows so far! Travis and I will be packing her up and bringing her along to our duo shows coming up in Virginia - Thursday, April 18 in Ashland, VA and Thursday, April 23 in Harrisonburg, VA! 

TV! TV! I'm excited to announce that a song I wrote with the lovely Madi Diaz called "End of the Day" will be performed on ABC's hit show "Nashville" in Episode 19, airing on May 8.

Also, a song Travis and I wrote called "Rockets" has premiered on CMT Pure Country so keep your eye out for him and The Infamous Stringdusters on your TV screen! Watch the video here and get a free download of the song.

"Set in Stone" was also just aired on MTV's "Teen Mom 2", a song I wrote and was performed by Ari Hest.

Somehow I've found a little time to make some new Spring jewelry. Mother's Day and Graduation are the perfect excuse to get something special handmade by Yours Truly! :) Enter SPRINGHASSPRUNG for 10% off your order! Etsy Store here.

Love to all and see you soon!

Jan 7, 2013 - new year, new site, new life! 

HI!   it's about time i updated this blog!!!!

well, the biggest news here is that i'm 37 weeks pregnant and am anxiously awaiting this baby girl!  nesting has certainly ensued, which has mixed nicely with the holidays and beautiful snow in the mountains of virginia.  lots of baking, hiking and folding tiny onesies.

i have a big batch of songs that are almost finished...hoping i can get to finishing a couple of them before the arrival of le bebe.  really looking forward to hitting some festival stages this summer, digging in more in the VA area, as well as another duo tour in CO with travis!  the tour beer blog WILL return!

 one of the cool things about my website being revamped is that there is now a comprehensive page of all of the songs of mine out there that have been recorded, covered live or on film&TV!  fun!

oh, and valentine's day jewelry coming SOON!  

2012 was wonderful -- recap below!!  i hope everyone's entry into 2013 has been smooth.  wish me luck, i'm almost a mom! :)



 the last couple of weeks, i bent my own rule for "song of the week"'s really supposed to be an un-released track, usually a live work tape.  this week's song is fresh off the notepad, just finished yesterday.  no one had heard it until today.  i wrote it yesterday, gazing out of a bay window in my house, watching the snow melt off the grass.  i was inspired to write about how it's easier to look outside ourselves for what we think we need instead of dealing with the internal unknown, yet fulfilling "wilderness" of our own selves.  i looked this up after i wrote the song, but love definition 5. in the context of this song...enjoy.

wil·der·ness   [wil-der-nis] 
a wild and uncultivated region, as of forest or desert, uninhabited or inhabited only by wild animals; a tract of wasteland.
a tract of land officially designated as such and protected by the U.S. government.
any desolate tract, as of open sea.
a part of a garden set apart for plants growing with unchecked luxuriance.
a bewildering mass or collection.

what is 'sarah's song a week'? 

 despite what some think, this is not me writing a song every week and posting it to my site...well, some weeks, like this week, it is. :)  but, i have a vault of songs, new *and* old that have never been recorded, most in the form of a work tape, some as demos... in sharing one a week with you, i hope it will give you a window into some of the other tunes i write besides the ones that have been released...and maybe it will bring you closer to the creative process through your ears...whatever it may bring to you, i am glad to share.  while you listen, browse my site for upcoming shows and new jewelry and ramblings about beer and food.

i'm sorry/i'm glad 

this year is coming to an year-end revue?  things i'm sorry about and that i'm glad about:

i'm sorry:
- i didn't write my cookbook (yet)
- i didn't exercise more
- i let myself worry about the little things
- i didn't sit and stare at any walls
- i never went to crunk fish in nashville before moving away...

i'm glad:
- i got those rad sunglasses at the gas station i wanted
- i giggled a lot
- i followed a dream
- i discovered diatomaceaous earth
- i accepted my love of pattern socks
- i experienced npr's mountainstage
- i made ornaments


all kinds of treats... 

 i spent the good part of the fall on the road, supporting my new album 'novel'.  i had a blast with the novel tellers, and we are looking forward to taking part in our only local show of the tour this week at music city roots in nashville!  

i'm winding down my 14 years in nashville, as we plan a move to the mountains of VA this month.  it's exciting, scarey, daunting, and exhillerating to take on a totally new chapter.  nashville has been so good to me, but it's time to move on and explore some new opportunities.  the blue ridge mountains are in my soul, and i'll be living just at the base of them...hiking will finally become a regular occurance again and i'm looking forward to a shorter commute to DC and NYC.  

2012 is coming on fast and hot, and i can't wait.  lots of great gigs coming as well as folk alliance, SXSW and festivals!  

since the fall tour, i've been up to my eyeballs creating jewelry, holiday ornaments, and more and am super psyched to have an etsy page this year!  also, my holiday EP is on sale through this month - download it for just $5!

i hope this year has been wonderful for all of you...and i'll remind myself and you all at the same time that 'the best cure for worry is gratitude.' :)


 i think about love, it's all i do, i want it now and i want it to be you...

i've been getting lots of requests for lyrics and i just want you to know that they are coming - each song lyric from 'say it louder' will be posted here on the music page shortly - thank you for your interest and patience!

it's a beautiful day in the first single off the forthcoming album is OUT!!  lots of love went into it and i'm so excited to share... :)

It's Time... 

it is time -- for chocolate cake? no.  for a 5K marathon? no.  to make a new record?  YES!  

T and i subletted a house in gorgeous sunny colorado this summer where i finished writing songs for my new record.  i took a modest recording setup with me and began demoing the songs to hear them fleshed out...i then fell in love with the recordings and decided to make them my next record.  every note and every decision is me.  it reminds me of when in was 9 years old and spent hours in my bedroom recording on my dad's 4 track recorder.  melody exploration until i was exhausted.  well, it has come full circle, and i again find myself with headphones on, singing about things that move me, pain me, and intrigue me.  the amp is out, the piano is poised, and i got multiple drumsticks for christmas...

i cooked lots of food yesterday so that the fridge was stocked with meals.  the bills are paid and the windows are theoretically shackled.  i'm not coming out until this record is done.  i'm so excited about these songs i can hardly stand it.  

i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  i had visions of sugarplums, jigsaw puzzles, and snow in nashville on was all true and good and real.  here's to a shiny new year.

i'll keep you posted and might even share a rough mix or two!  ...and pics of feet on guitar pedals and sticks on drums...

much love,

WSM and NPR this week! 

  Hi Friends!

As we all prepare for the holiday week, I want to say hello and how THANKFUL I am for this season of blessings.  A couple weeks of family illness have left me looking at each day as a gift in a new way and appreciating the human spirit even more.  

This will be my last e-blast of the year and it's an exciting one, as I will be on WSM 650 AM Monday, Dec 20 at 9:15am CST promoting my holiday EP "All Come Together Now".  You can listen online here!

Then, this Wednesday, NPR's All Songs Considered is featuring my song "May Love Fall Like Snow" on their Holiday Special.  If you subscribe to their podcast on iTunes, it's available now!  Otherwise, it should air nationwide on Wednesday.

I also still have earrings (and lyric art) for sale and they will ship 2-day with no extra charge through this Wednesday so you get them for Christmas!  View here.  

Much love and peace,

Sept 13 - back to Nash...last song of the week 

 the transition from high altitude back to nashville which is almost sea level has been okay.  i experienced a migrane from the allergic air and quite a bit of exhaustion, but all the shows and other tasks at hand have kept me distracted enough to not really notice.  i've missed the constant sunshine of CO - something i got used to.  i also miss the st. vrain river, but i guess the pool at the downtown Y will have to do for now.  

i'm overflowing with plans and ideas and songs and ideas and plans.  us aries are just cursed that way.  i'm writing for the new record with love.  i can't wait to share it with you all.  this week is the last "song of the week" and it's a new one that i'll definitely put on the new record.  this is a rough recording for sure...i had a great time experimenting with percussion and on this song i feature a tower of quaker oats as my shaker.  it left a dusting all over the room, but it was worth it.

the best thing about september is that october is next.  that means pumpkins.  which if any of you remember my vlogs from last year, i am pumpkin obsessed.  i made pumpkin granola the other night and i am foaming at the mouth to dot baby pumpkins around the house...

i hope you are all well and feeling good.